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Cambridgeshire has a population of 183,000 and is historically part of Northamptonshire, a county in the East Midlands. The city led a relatively quiet life until the arrival of the railways. The railways opened the gates for the Industrial Revolution, transforming Peterborough into an industrial center. The city primarily focused on brick manufacturing and other related industries. Much of the city’s infrastructure was built to support local factories. So when industrial employment had fallen after the Second World War, the city hit hard times. Meaning Peterborough was forced to redevelop itself and refocus on the financial sector and the service sector.

Thanks to a successful regeneration plan which ran to 2012, the city experienced an average growth of 5.5%. This ultimately, became the most successful economy among unitary authorities in the East of England. The city has its own independent charity that focuses on delivering projects promoting healthier and sustainable living in the city, Peterborough Environment City Trust. Through this charity, the city wants to become the country's acknowledged environment capital. In addition to this, Peterborough enjoys very low levels of unemployment, making one of the most attractive destinations for workers from all over the United Kingdom.

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Peterborough may not be one of the largest cities in East England but there is definitely a lot this city has to offer. The experience can be enhanced with the right person to show you the sights and all the great hang spots. Because of how central the city is to many surrounding areas many escorts offer out calls.

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