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Picture of Poole

This large coastal town and seaport in the county of Dorset has a population of almost 150,000. The town’s name comes from the Celtic word bol and the Old English word pool meaning a place near a creek. The Durotriges, one of the Celtic tribes living in Britain prior to the Roman invasion, moved from hilltop settlements at Maiden Castle and Badbury Rings to heathland around the River Frome and Poole Harbour during the 3rd century BC. Poole experienced a period of rapid growth after the Norman conquest of England in the 11th century.

The growing importance of the town was finally formally recognized in 1433 when it was awarded staple port status by King Henry VI, the only child of Henry V. This enabled the port to export wool and granted it a license for the construction of a town wall. Thanks to its convenient location, Poole successfully established commerce with the North American colonies in the 16th century. As ships grew in size, the shallow harbor began to lose business to ports at Liverpool, Southampton, and Plymouth. The town suffered from German bombing during the Second World War, resulting in destructions of many historic buildings. This ultimately, sprung the creation of a Conservation Area in the town center.

Escorts in Poole

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