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Preston is a city in Lancashire, with a population of around 120,000. The city is located on the north bank of the River Ribble. A river that runs through North Yorkshire and Lancashire in Northern England. Together with surrounding rural civil parishes and Preston local government district of Lancashire. The meaning of the name of the city can tell us a lot about its history; it comes from the Old English and translates as “priest’s settlement.” The first recorded mention of the city can be found in the Domesday Book, where the city is recorded as Prestune. Through the Middle Ages, Preston was a busy market town and a center of textile production. The Industrial Revolution greatly changed the character of the city, transforming it into a densely-populated engineering center. The focus on engineering gradually pushed away the city’s textile sector.

Preston’s signature landmark is St Walburge's Church, a Roman Catholic church built in the mid-19th century by the Gothic revival architect Joseph Hansom, who is also famous for the hansom cab, a kind of horse-drawn carriage. The spire of the church rises to 94 m, making it one of the tallest structures of any sort in Lancashire.

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Known as the administrative center for Lancashire, the city is found on the north side of the river Ribble. As a British city natives of Preston have plenty to do, why not do one of these activities with a Preston escort. You can spend your day immersed in the history of the local trains and railroads, for a riveting experience. If trains are not your thing then take your Preston escort for a trip to the country.

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