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Located 32 miles from London, Rayleigh is a market town in the District of Rochford, which was formed on 1 April 1974 by the merger of the Rayleigh Urban District and the Rochford Rural District. The name of the town has a Saxon origin and denotes a place where deer roam. Archeological findings tell us about early Roman settlements and later Saxon presence. A cemetery site was discovered at the western edge of Rayleigh, which confirms what is recorded in the Domesday Book about a village located in the same area. Through the Middle Ages, the town was occupied mostly with farming and served as a royal hunting ground.

The town retained its small town image into the Modern era. However, this wouldn’t last for too long as major housing development projects took off to accommodate commuters from London and a new wave of residents. The aggressive development was met with resistance from locals and was criticized for being too abrupt.

Rayleigh is home to Masters Performing Arts College, which is an independent dance theatre college founded in 1995 by former professional dancer and dance teacher Wendy Headford. Students can study ballet, tap, jazz, and various contemporary dances, along with singing and drama. There’s also a King George's Field with a skateboard and children's play areas, public swimming pool, and a golf club on the outskirts of the town. Worth mentioning is also the Dutch Cottage. This octagonal-shaped cottage is the smallest and oldest council house in the United Kingdom.

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