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Reading is a city located in country of Berkshire, England. In the medieval times, the city was an important centre of the Abbey, which is a monastery. In the 1500s, the town was the biggest town of Berkshire. The town had an important role in 1688 revolution. The English Civil War affected the town in serious ways. There was siege and trade losses. Only in the 19th century, the town was able to get back with developments of businesses like baking, seed growing and brewing.

Things have changed and now the cty is one of the commercial centres. The town is involved in insurance and information technology field. The town hosts one of the biggest music festivals in England, called Reading Festival.

The local borough has an estimated population of around 150,000 according to the last census. The town has two members for representing it in the UK parliament. The 75% of the people in Reading are White, 9.1% is South Asian and 6.7% Black. It is reported that the city has 150 different languages being spoken. A large community of polish people are there in reading.

Reading is a commercial centre of significant importance. The city contains headquarters of many companies along with foreign multinationals’ UK office and a retail centre. The town centre is a big centre for shopping. It has got the rank of 16th position among the retails centres in UK. One of the main area for shopping in the town is the Broad Street.

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Located in Berkshire, the location has been a prominent English town for years offering a host of activities and nightlife to involve yourself in. If you do not wish to interact alone why not hire a Reading escort that you can take to local museum to engross each other with the town's history. If history does not appeal to you, then you can always join the nightlife for a drink in the town. However you chose to spend your time with our Reading escorts you’re more than likely to be happy the following day.

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