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Redditch is located approximately 24 km south of Birmingham and has a population of more than 80,000 residents. The town is famous because it, at one point, produced almost 90 percent of all needles in the world. The needle making dates back all the way to the Middle Ages, when it was one of several highly important industries, together with manufacturing of fish-hooks. The biggest boom happened when Redditch was selected to be transformed into a new town. This happened in 1964 and over the population more than doubled over the next few years. New housing was developed to accommodate the influx of new residents and provide them with comfortable, modern living standard. After the end of the Industrial Revolution, all manufacturing industries that previously fueled the down lost on the importance and most people living in Redditch started working in the modern light industry, services, or decided that it would be best if they rather commuted every day to the dormitory town of Birmingham.

However, the needle making history is still very tangible in the town, and all visitors are encouraged to visit the National Needle Museum and the ruins of Bordesley Abbey. The museum was opened in 1983 by Queen Elizabeth II, and it features models and recreated scenes that provide a vivid illustration of how needles were at the time of Redditch industrial heyday. Other notable places of interest include Kingfisher Shopping Centre, which has more than 100,000 m2 of retail space and Arrow Valley Country Park, which offers a spectacular view across Arrow Valley Lake.

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Found to the North East of Worcestershire is the local government district of Redditch. With a whole range of visitable locations Redditch is a more than acceptable for offering natives and tourists engageable activities. If you would usually do such things alone then why not try something new and hire an escort to partner up with you as you take turns going to each location. Our Redditch escorts can be taken to the district museum for an educational experience that neither of you will be able to forget. If you had a different perspective on how the night was to go, then our Redditch escort would be pleased to spend the day doing whatever keeps your pleasure up.

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