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The town of Sale was granted an honorific borough status in 1935, which led to a steady increase in population. Today, this historical town has more than 130,000 residents, who work mostly in the service industry. But a piece of flint arrowhead that was discovered in the area is a strong evidence of human activity dating back all the way to the Stone Age. The original town was probably founded around the 7th century, as a result of strong Roman presence. Through the large portion of its history, Sale was occupied mostly with agriculture. It was only after the Manchester, South Junction and Altrincham Railway opened in 1849 that population drastically increased and pawed the way for innovation and modern living standards. Modern Sale has a lively shopping center, renovated swimming baths, and many other leisure opportunities.

Until the mid-19th century, agriculture was the main source of income for most people living in the town, but its dominance began to fall with the growing importance of the service industry. Office and retail jobs, especially in the city center, are now an important source of income.

Visitors should make sure to see three Grade II listed buildings located in the city: St. Martin church, St. John the Divine church, and Ashton New Hall. Those who prefer to experience a local culture in a more hands-on way can pay their visit to the Waterside Arts Centre, which features a library, a theater, the Lauriston Gallery, and the Corridor Gallery.

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