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Salisbury is a cathedral city in Wiltshire, South West England. Salisbury is the only city in Wiltshire. Salisbury cathedral was formally known as the Cathedral Church of the blessed St Mary and it is an Anglican cathedral, the main body of the cathedral was completed in 1258. The cathedral has the tallest church spire in the United Kingdom, where visitors can take the tower tour where the interior of the hollow spire can be viewed. The cathedral is contains the worlds oldest working clock which dates back to AD 1386. Salisbury is ,coated in a valley and is largely chalk, the rivers that flow through the city have been redirected along with landscape and have been used to feed the public gardens. Queen Elizabeth Gardens is by far the most popular especially in the summer months with its slow flowing and shallow waters it makes it easy for the public to enjoy a safe paddle. Salisbury has a strong artistic community and has galleries situated in the city centre which includes one in the local Library. John Constable made a number of landscape paintings featuring the cathedrals spire and the surrounding countryside in the 18th century. Salisbury hold a annual international arts festival which was started in 1973, held in late May to early June, and it provides entertainment of theater, live music, dance, public sculpture, street performance and art exhibitions.


Being the third largest settlement in the county of Wiltshire, is the cathedral city of Salisbury, where there is always a wide range of events for you to join in with. If you're feeling uncomfortable about doing this alone then hire a Salisbury escort for a night of zealous entertainment. The two of you can have a engaging time browsing the United Kingdom's most famous prehistoric monument, together the two of you can try to piece out the great mystery, or spend the day discussing it with each other at the least. If you wanted something more peaceful then why not take our Salisbury escort to the local art gallery for a time focused on arts and culture.

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