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Sevenoaks is a town which is situated in Western Kent, South East England. The towns name comes from the Sevenoaks District, in which it is the principle town which is then followed by Swanley and Edenbridge. The towns name of Sevenoaks is derived from the old English word "Seouenaca" the name was given to a small chapel near Sevenoaks trees on the vine which was around AD800. A settlement of the Sevenoaks was recorded in the 13th century when a market was established, the construction of the Knole House in the 15th century helped develop the village, then Sevenoaks became part of the modern communications network. One of the early turnpikes was opened in the 18th century and the railway was late in reaching it. In the 21st century however it has a large commuting population. Knole Park and Riverhill House And Gardens are the main attractions in Sevenoaks. Knole park is a 1,00 acre deer park and has several million trees, and it is located in the Knole House. Riverhill House And Gardens, is located to the south of Knole Park and is on the Southern Edge of Sevenoaks. The house and gardens were first built in the 16th and it is privately owned, however it is periodically open to the public. Sevenoaks also has a theatre and cinema complex which was recently reopened as a community arts centre, it was supported by a strong network of volunteers and Sevenoaks town council, it is named The Stag Theatre and Cinema Complex and it is open daily showing films to the population of Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas.


Found in the most eastern side of the county of Kent is the government district of Sevenoaks. Sevenoaks has a variety of participle events that you can get involved in, if you're nervous about doing this alone then hire a Sevenoaks escort to be your chaperone for the evening. You and your escort can watch a historical reenactment at a local village house, for a academic experience that's hard to forget. Wanted something with a little more movement? Then try a informative walk through Britons second world war time leaders adult home, for a completely didactic experience with our Sevenoaks escorts.

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