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With its largely industrial roots, Sheffield is now the third largest English district and a steadily growing economic power. Throughout the city, one can see with their own eyes various reminders of the time when steel production fueled the local economy. In fact, Sheffield is the birthplace of stainless steel and other important inventions. It was only when the overseas competition was no longer bearable when coal mining in the area collapsed. That happened during the 1980s, and the city has since then
managed to reinvent itself and join the ranks of other important British cities.

These days, most people who live in the city work in the service sector, finances, or IT. The need for office and residential space is a powerful transformative force, making Sheffield the fastest-growing city outside London. What’s more, almost 12% of employees earn more than £60,000 a year. This can be partially attributed to the excellent education provided by the University of Sheffield and Hallam University. Together, these two universities attract approximately 65,000 new students to the city every year. Because it is such an attractive place to live and do business, it’s no surprise that many of them decide to stay there.

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