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South Bedforshire is a district in Bedfordshire, East England. From 1974 to 2009 it was a non metropolitan district, it's main towns were Dunstsble, Houghton, Regis and Leighton Buzzard. The district of South Bedfordshire was formed in April 1974 and as part of s general reorganisation of the local authorities in England and Wales, this was carried out by the local government act 1972. South Bedfordshire was formed by three districts, there are, the municipal borough of Dunstable, Leighton-Linslade urban district and Luton rural district. South Bedfordshire is made up of 19 civil parishes including 4 towns

The department for communities and local government in 2006, considered reorganising South Bedfordshire's administrative structure as part of the 2009 structural changes to local government in England, however in March 2008 there was an announcement that South Bedfordshire would merge with Mid Bedfordshire to create the new unitary authority named Central Bedfordshire, this was formed in April 2009.

Mid Bedfordshire

Found in the center of the county of Bedfordshire is Mid bedfordshire which is formed from sixty villages and towns spread over two hundred and seventy six point three square miles of land. Mid bedfordshire has plenty to offer its patrons, why not hire a Mid Bedfordshire escort to accompany you as you venture around the local area. Our escort and you can partake in local festivities at the local drinking establishment, where you're bound to have a drink and possibly a laugh with our escort. If you wanted something more private with our Mid Bedfordshire escort then try taking them for a walk through local rural spots where both of you are content with each others presence.

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