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Southampton is located on the south coast of England, approximately 75 miles south-west of London. This port town has a long tradition of luxury cruising, which dates to 1840. Many of the world’s recordbreaking vessels sailed from the port, including RMS Queen Elizabeth 2, RMS Queen Mary 2, and others. The port also served as a departure point for D-Day during the Second World War. Unsurprisingly, shipbuilding and tourism play an important role in Southampton. The local docks were even featured in a British television show to highlight their national and global importance.

The high demand for skilled employees generated by the shipbuilding sector is catered to by the University of Southampton and Solent University. Together, these two universities have over 40,000 students and excellent global reputation. The University of Southampton was established in 1952, when it gained University status by Royal charter. In 2014, the university was ranked as the 8 th best research facility in the United Kingdom and is regularly ranked among top 100 best universities in the world. Solent University is a much younger university, established in 2004. It has two campuses, and the university’s maritime courses are considered to be the best in the world.

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