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Picture of Southport

Southport is a beautiful seaside town and the eleventh most populous settlement in North West England. It has a long history of leisure and recreation and is very dependent on the steady influx of tourists from neighboring regions and the rest of the country, despite the fact that many Britons started to prefer cheap holiday options abroad due to reliable weather.

To keep the interest of tourists high, Southport annually hosts several events, including Southport Airshow and Southport Flower Show. The airshow takes place over two days, and its program includes military and civilian aircraft, classic jets, helicopters, aerobatics by the world famous Red Arrows, warbirds and parachute displays. It was on this show where Vulcan XH558 saw its final appearance. Southport Flower Show the largest independent flower show in the United Kingdom, with attendances of over 80,000. It has a lot of offer even for those who are not particularly interested in flowers, as many celebrities from all over the world make their appearance.

Southport also doesn’t lack when it comes to stunning landmarks and venues where families and individual visitors can spend some quality time. The local amusement park, Southport Pleasureland, was first opened in 1913 and then re-opened again in 2007 under the ownership of Norman Wallis. There are many roller coasters, thrill rides, and stands with interesting souvenirs. Another attraction, Southport Model Railway Village, is a model village with a focus on trains and railways. It features over 200 models, which makes it a great destination for all train enthusiasts.

Escorts in Southport

Found in the borough of Sefton the seaside town of Southport is a great destination for tourist because of the sheer amount of activities available to participate in. Our Southport escorts can attend any event of your choice, for example if you wanted to take our escort to the local pier then prepare for an evening of competition, mini golf and any other game that embodies fun into it. Not a fan of the pier? Why not skip the pier and take our Southport escort straight to one of the many golf courses spread about, where you can either have a drink at the club or even challenge them to a game.

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