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As the smallest city in Britain, St Davids is a very interesting place full of vibrant history. It was granted the status of a city in the 16th century on the basis of its diocesan cathedral. This decision was overturned in 1888, and St Davids lost its city status for more than 100 years. It would be only on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1994 that she would personally that St Davids would, once again, become a formally recognized city for their Christian heritage and previous status.

History of St Davids dates back to around 500. It is said that Saint Non, the mother of Saint David, gave birth to her son not far from the area on which St Davids is currently located. David would go on to found a monastery and church on the banks of the River Alun. Slowly, settlers began to establish their livelihood around the monastery. The city was hard to access for a very long part of its history, and it became isolated and neglected by the 19th century. It was only our modern network of roads and railroad tracks that helped it flourish.

Important landmarks include the 13th century Bishop's Palace, the 14th century Tower Gate, and St Davids Lifeboat. The lifeboat was first opened in 1869 and has since then managed to save more than 360 lives. There are two full-time employees and others involved live within a few miles from it.

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