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Stevenage is situated to the east of junctions 7 and 8 of the A1 road. It’s most notable for a very dramatic increase in population after it was elected a new town under the New Towns Act of 1946. Until that time, it has a population of just a few thousand residents. The decision to turn Stevenage into a New Town was met with demonstrations and protests. More than 50 percent of those who attended a local referendum held to discuss the plan were 'entirely against' the expansion. But despite the local resistance to change, the plan went ahead in full force.

It was decided that the town is going to be divided into six self-contained neighborhoods. Some areas are still under construction to this very day, despite the fact that a large project for redevelopment of Stevenage town center was abandoned because of the financial crisis of 2007–08. The center is set to someday feature better shopping options and larger attention to the public-friendly open environment for leisure.

As of now, the most frequented place of culture is the Gordon Craig Theatre, which is also the only theater in the town. It has two halls, the larger of which has a capacity of 1,200 people. Famous people, such as the English stand-up comedian and television host Jimmy Carr or Milton Jones, the comedian known for his style of humor is based on one-liners involving puns delivered in a deadpan and slightly neurotic style.

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