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Picture of Stockport

It’s impossible to approach Stockport from the west and not notice the Stockport Viaduct. The viaduct was built in 1840 and has become a symbol of this large town located in Greater Manchester. George Watson Buck, the engineer of the Montgomeryshire Canal in the early 19th century, for the Manchester and Birmingham Railway, Stockport Viaduct is the largest brick structure in the United Kingdom. Laurence Stephen Lowry, who lived in the area for more than 40 years, admired its design and structure and featured it as the background in many of his paintings.

The large, imposing viaduct often seems like it’s separating the center of the town from its surroundings. This is, perhaps, because Stockport is in a dire need of regeneration. Before and during the Second World War, the town was predominantly focused on manufacturing are industries allied to cotton. This has left residents with a town center that’s lacking residential properties, retail markets, and modern, pedestrian-friendly infrastructure. An ambitious project known as Future Stockport is currently underway, aiming to bring over 3000 residents into the center of the town. To accomplish this goal, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council is repurposing former industrial buildings and transforming them into modern apartments and retail places.

Escorts in Stockport

A Lot of Stockport Escorts will work either in the local area or in Manchester so always check first where the escort lives so you can avoid any further charges if you are arranging a meet with an escort in Manchester. Stockport Escorts are great for anyone living in smaller villages around the area including Cheadle, Wythenshawe or Sale. If you find an Escort in Stockport why not take them on a day trip to Manchester and enjoy some of the finest restaurants in the North West.

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