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Picture of Sunderland

Situated at the mouth of the River Wear, Sunderland has grown over the centuries to absorb Bishopwearmouth and Monkwearmouth. Sunderland’s history is closely connected to shipbuilding.

After all, the city was once called “the largest shipbuilding town in the world.” Among the large number of ships constructed in Sunderland was also a ship called Torrens. It was this ship in which one of the greatest English novelists, Joseph Conrad, sailed and began writing his very first novel, Almayer’s Folly. Predictably, the increased demand for ships during the Second World War made the city indispensable to the British war effort. However, after the war ended, the overseas competition outpriced local labor, leading to a steady decline of shipbuilding in the city.

Even with shipbuilding in decline, the port itself is still the second largest municipally-owned port in the United Kingdom. Having a total of 17 quays. Sunderland opened its first railway station in 1879. The station has been expanded and modernized on several occasions since then. There are now direct lines connecting Sunderland to London and other important cities. Inner-city public transportation is provided by a multimillion-pound transport interchange at Park Lane, which transports 750,000 passengers per year, making it the busiest bus and coach station in Britain.

Escorts in Sunderland

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