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Swale is a government district with a borough status in Kent, south east England. The district of Swale is named after the narrow channel called The Swale. This channel seperates the mainland of Kent from the Isle of Sheppey, this occupies the central part of the district. Roman Watling Street passed through the area of Swale and as witness the straightness of the A2 main road now known as the M2 motorway. Swale is mainly a rural borough apart from the town of Sittingbourne and the coast of the isle of Sheppey. Swale contains a high proportion of the UKs plum, Apple, cherry, and pear orchards as well as many of it remaining hop gardens. The district of Swale was formed in 1974 under the local government act 1972 from the borough of Faversham which covered the whole of Sheppey. Swale railway station is at the southern end of the Kingsferry Bridge and is in the north of Kent it is 4 miles north of Sittingbourne. The station was opened in 1913 as a staff halt called Kings Ferry Bridge Halt and in 1922 it opened to the public who were allowed to walk across the bridge to a temporary station and to then continue with their journeys. There are four towns in the Swale borough, they are, Sittingbourne, Faversham, Sheerness and Queenborough.


Swale is a borough in the district of Kent named after the narrow channel, The Swale, that separates the two pieces of land found inside the district. If you're bored and wanted a more productive time then how about hiring a Swale escort to attend some of the events you would typically. This could be anything from a walk through the local wildlife reserve for a natural time with your Swale escort. If that seems to different to you the why not try something much simpler and just take our Swale escort out to the local town for a night of drinking and dancing that's sure to inspire some passion.

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