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Formed in 1974 as the Thamesdown district of Wiltshire, Thamesdown is now the Borough of Swindon. It occupies the north-east corner of Wiltshire and is surrounded by Gloucestershire to the north and Oxfordshire to the east. Between 1995 and 2005, the number of people employed in the service sector more than doubled. This trend is similar to what we currently see across the entire United Kingdom. Recent advances in automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning greatly decrease the number of jobs available in the industrial sector.

It’s worth noting that the former Thamesdown name and logo are still in use by Thamesdown Transport Limited, the main local bus operator. This bus operator has actually a very long history, dating back to 1904. Back then, the company handled the operation of electric trams in the borough. It was only in 1927 when they also added busses to their fleet. On 1 August 2005, Thamesdown implemented what they call a fastFare system. The point of this policy which requires passengers to pay the exact fare is to shorten loading times and eliminated the need for drivers to have enough change. While effective in regard to its core goals, the policy has been criticized because people are often forced to pay more if they don’t have enough change, and tourists frequently don’t know about the policy in the first place.

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Trying to find Local Escorts in Swindon? Swindon can be seen as very quiet little town but there is plenty to be seen and done if you have the right company and know where to go in and around the local area. If you looking for something to do in the West midlands then why not meet up with one of the lovely Swindon escorts and explore all the other Towns and cities that site on the borders including Cirencester, Chippenham or even Bristol if you fancy traveling a bit further with your companion.

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