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Teignbridge in a district in Devon south west England. Other towns in the district are Ashburton, Dawlish and Teignmouth. The district of Teignbridge was formed in 1974 under the local government act 1972. The constituency was based on the Teignbridge local government district in Devon, and was created in 1983 from parts of the seats of Totnes and Tiverton. This seat was held by Patrick Nicholls of the Conservative party and was defeated by Richard Younger-Ross of the liberal democrats at the 2001 general election. Younger-Ross then went on to succeed in the seat in the 2005 election having 6,215 over the conservatives' Stanley Johnson who is the father of Boris Johnson. A review of parliamentary took place in Devon by the Boundary Commission for England, and increased its seats from 11 to 12, the Teignbridge constituency was then abolished. The southern part of Teignbridge including the two main towns of Dawlish, Newton, Abbott and Teignmouth successfully formed a new seat while the northern portion formed part of central Devon.


Based in Devon, Teignbridge covers just under two hundred and fifty square miles of land and is formed from over thirty towns and villages. As Teignbridge is such a large area there is plenty on offer for you to participate in, if you didn't want to be alone as you did this then a Teignbridge escort is the perfect idea for you. How about early lunch at the local racetrack where the two of you can having something to eat and drink while observing the horses racing. Not a sports person then how about a simple walk through the nature reserve to see such beauties as waterfalls and wildlife for a peaceful time with our Teignbridge escort.

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