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This local government district in north-east Essex extends from the River Stour, a 47 miles long river that forms most of the county boundary between Suffolk to the north and Essex to the south, to the town of Colchester to the west. The district’s council is based in Clacton-on-Sea, which is the largest town in Tendring. Clacton-on-Sea was founded in 1871, and it has blossomed into a popular seaside resort that relies significantly on entertainment and day-trip facilities. Some of the resort’s most popular landmarks include the oldest surviving building in Clacton, St John's Church, and Clacton Pier, the first building of the new resort of Clacton-on-Sea.

Tendring is sometimes referred to as the Tendring Peninsula. The name comes from the ancient Tendring Hundred, which is named after the small Tendring village at the center of the area. The entire district is known for its unusual topography, with the highest part being just 35 meters low. Administratively, the district is divided into several parishes, including Alresford, Bradfield, Frating, Lawford, Mistley, St Osyth, Weeley, Wix, and Wrabness, just to name a few. During the Saxon times, there was an area known as the Sokens that enjoyed special privileges.

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Found to the north east of Essex, Tendring is a relatively big district covering over 130 square miles of land. The district also has a large number of parishes underneath it, such as Frating and Wix. Tendring escorts can meet you at whenever you want depending on whether they have an outgoing charge. When you do meet an escort why not take them to the local pier where you can both play on the amusements or watch the sea tide. Tendering escorts have a wide range of interests and can also be taken to the beach for a saccharine evening.

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