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Test Valley is in a rural location and is a government district and borough in Hampshire. It is named after the valley of the River Test and is the centrepiece of the Test Valley. This river of beauty is known for fishing, salmon and trout, and it is said that the river should be as a work of art. It is home of the Houghton Fishing Club an exclusive fishing club which was founded in 1822 and meets in the Gronvernor Hotel which is located in Stockbridge. Test Valley covers 250 square miles of the western Hampshire area with stretching boundaries from Southampton in the south, to Newbury in the north of England. Test Valley is known for being an outstanding area of natural beauty. In 2006 Test Valley became 8th in the most active sports and other fitness activities in England with 26.9% of the population participating in sports activities for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Test Valley was ranked 14th in the best rural place to live out of 119 local areas in Great Britain by Halifax in March 2012. It was based on the local population of high employment, lovely weather, health and income levels. Test Valley has a local charitable trust called "Test Valley Arts Foundation" which was brought to life to promote the arts and local artists in the borough of this rural area of Test Valley.

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Found in the north west of the county of Hampshire is the borough of Test Valley which spans over two hundred and forty square miles of land. Test Valley offers any located in its vicinity a host of activities that you can participate in only or with a partner, if you don't have a partner then a Test Valley escort would be the right choice for whatever occasion. If you’re simply going to a local museum bring an escort along so both of you can update your cultural and historical knowledge of Test Valley. If you wanted a more private time with our Test Valley escort, then nothing is more private than a harmonious walk through nature featuring just the two of you.

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