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Formed under the Local Government Act 1972, Thanet is a local government district of Kent. The district is located on the north-eastern tip of Kent. To the west, Thanet is bordered by the City of Canterbury, a local government district with a population of around 160,000. One major part of Thanet is the Isle of Thanet, which was formed over 7,000 years ago, and now is a popular tourist destination.

According to archaeological evidence, the area was inhabited even during the Stone Age. Its location made it a prime target of invasions from Europe. Currently, Thanet is governed by the UK Independence Party, who holds 33 seats in the district council, compared to just 18 seats held by the Conservative Party. Because of how much the district relies on tourism, it suffers from seasonal unemployment. One thing that helps alleviate this problem is the district’s proximity to London. Still, unemployment levels are nearly twice the South East of England.

The local council has introduced several plans how to encourage more businesses to relocate to Thanet, but it will take some time before they start producing results. Other rejuvenation projects include a new community center for Broadstairs, renovations of Margate's Dreamland, and a large retail and residential development on Ramsgate seafront.

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In the most north east corner of the county of Kent the district of Thanet can be found, originally an island separated from mainland Thanet now covers just under forty miles of land. Spread throughout the district is a great amount of different activities to participate in, why not hire a Thanet escort to interact with you while you engage in some of the ventures on offer. This can include a walk around a grotto created with sea shells for a surreal yet remarkable time with your Thanet escort.

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