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Torquay is a seaside town in Devon, South West, England. The town of Torquay was initially based upon fishing and agriculture but in the early 19th century the town become to develop a popular seaside resort. Torquays name originates from being the quay of the ancient village of of Torre, which takes its name from the extensively quarried remains of which was be seen by the towns Lymington Road giving this the original name was Torrequay then Torkay, Torkey and TorQuay then joining the words together to make Torquay. The town of Torquay is made up of small settlements that amalgamated into the town of Torquay. The town has many beaches which are Oddicombe Beach, Meadfoot Beach, Maidencombe Beach, Ansteys Cove, Redgate, Torre Abbey Sands, Corbyn Sands and Institute Beach and Hollacombe Beach, Oddicombe Beach and Meadfoot Beach held European Blue Flag status in 2012. In 2010 it was reported that Banksy (a Bristol based artist) had drawn a mural on the the wall of the Grosvenor Hotel, the mural was of a child drawing a robot which used the vent of an extractor fan as the head of the robot, the mural now however has been covered due the hotel being refurbished. In the early years of British cinema Torquay was home to Cairns Torquay Films and Torquay And Paignton Photoplay Productions which in 1920 produced a total of 3 films between them, recently however Devon Films based in Torquay has established itself as the bay's latest film production company, the company produced Stepdad in 2007 and was entered into the Cannes Film Festival. Torquay was home to the writer Agatha Christie, Agatha was born in Torquay and lived there during her early years, the town has now named a tour and plaques dedicated to her work named the Agatha Christie Mile.

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