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What started as a small port evolved into a critical trade center and administrative hub for the entire region. Truro has always benefited from its location between two important rivers. They helped the local economy by providing a steady source of food and trade. The advent of industrialization brought with it a new demand for tin. Wealthy mine owners came to the city and built many fancy houses, which can be seen in Truro to this day.

They also turned the previously socially insignificant city into a thriving center with famous residents that include Richard Lander, Henry Martyn, Humphry Davy, and Samuel Foote. Richard Lemon Lander was an explorer of western Africa and a son of a Truro innkeeper. Henry Martyn was an Anglican priest educated at Truro Grammar School. He would later become a chaplain for the British East India Company. Humphry Davy was a chemist who is famous for his discoveries of several alkali and alkaline earth metals. Samuel Foote was an actor and theater manager born into a wealthy family.

The mining industry eventually saw a huge decline, but the role of the administrative and commercial center of the region remains to this day. Most of Truro's 20,000 residents are white-collar workers, and the city attracts many commuters because of higher than average earnings. This causes substantial problems with traffic jams and it contributes to very high housing prices. Truro is trying to solve both of these problems by converting many existing city-center properties into flats.

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