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Vale Of White Horse is a local government district in Oxfordshire, South East England. The main town of Vale Of White Horse is Abingdon, there are 68 other parishes in the district. The Vale Of White Horse is named after the Bronze Age Uffington White Horse and is geographically distinct and lies between the Barkshire Downs and the River Thames. The district of Vale Of White Horse was formed in 1974 under the local government act 1972 from the Municipal Borough of Abingdon, Wantage Urban District, Abingdon Rural District, Faringdon Rural District and Wantage Rural District of Berkshire. Vale Of White Horse has a beautiful, scenic hill called White Horse Hill, on the summit of the hill there is a well preserved circular camp which was thought to be used by the Romans, it is an Iron Age hill fort named Uffington Castle and covers 32,00 square metres and is surrounded by two earth banks which are separated by a ditch, there is entrance to this in the western end. Vale Of White Horse have what they call "The Ridgeway" a grassy, ancient track described as Britains oldest road, the track extends from Wiltshire along the chalk ridge of Berkshire Downs to the River Thames, the route was adapted and extended as a National Trail which was created in 1972.

Vale of White Horse

Vale of the White horse is formed from 86 towns and villages from the local area, all together this covers two hundred and twenty three square miles of land. There is guaranteed pleasure all around the Vale of White Horse, why not begin by ordering an escort to accompany you as you begin to discover the fun activities the local district has to offer. Why not take our Vale of White Horse escort out to the attraction that gives the district its name, the local art piece is bound to put inspiration into your minds and hearts. Wanted something more simple? No problem, just take our Vale of White Horse escort to the local wine house for a time of drinking and gratification.

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