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Picture of Wakefield

Located on the River Calder, a 45 miles long river in West Yorkshire, Wakefield has a population of around 76,000 and was known as the Merrie City in the Middle Ages. We have a description of the town written by John Leland, who was an English poet and antiquary, often described as the father of English local history and bibliography. In his description, Leland mentions that Wakefield is a hospitable, affordable place overflowing with vitality. During the Wars of the Roses, a place near the town was a location of the Battle. Around 2,000 people died during the battle, but the town completely avoided damage.

Later, the city became an important market town. This leveraged its convenient position on the River Calder, ultimately becoming a booming inland port. As its importance for inland trading continued, Wakefield started to also trade corn, coal, and textiles. All nearby coal mines and traditional manufacturing industries closed, and the town was forced to embrace the service economy. The transition wasn’t smooth, requiring several regeneration projects and investments from European and United Kingdom government. Unemployment in the town and its wider urban area is still above the national average, but is steadily improving.

Escorts in Wakefield

If your staying in the area, then you have plenty of choice when it comes to meeting the right escort for you. There are plenty of Wakefield Escorts in and around the local area. However if you're willing to pay extra for an out call you can get an escort from Leeds. For more local Wakefield Escorts it’s always worth searching around the small towns and villages in the local area.

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