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Just 8 miles north-west of the City of Birmingham lies Walsall, an industrial town with a population of almost 70,000 residents. The town is the center of the Metropolitan Borough of Wallsall, which has a population of 270,000. There were several medieval buildings located in the center of the town, but many of them were destroyed during the modernization of the city in the 1970s. This was met with a strong opposition from large groups of people who wanted to preserve the historical character of the town. Their collective effort wasn’t successful, and there are now many modern houses and retail spaces where once stood medieval buildings. Among these are the New Art Gallery the Cannon Cinema, the new T J Hughes department store, and others.

Once powerful incentive to turn the town into a regional center is its convenient location in Central England. This greatly increases the town’s investment appeal, attracting both foreign and domestic investors. The local administration understands that people from across the United Kingdom will be unwilling to move. Unless it can provide a great system of public education. Walsall College is the largest provider of qualifications for students in the Borough, offering courses such as GCSEs and NVQs

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Walsall Escorts are waiting for you in your local area and they can’t wait to meet you! With so many Escorts in Walsall it's no wonder why the town is such a lively place to be in the evening. Walsall Escorts are usually more then happy to travel if you are living outside of the area. However I may be worth mentioning this over the phone first.

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