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Waverley is a a government district with borough status in Surrey south east England. Waverley is the neighbours to Guildford and Mole Valley in Surrey and also the counties of West Sussex and Hampshire. The borough of Waverley is named after the Waverley Abbey which is the earliest Cistercian monastery in Britain. Waverley has the most green space in absolute terms and according to the Generalised Land use Database of January 2005 and half of which is woodland. Most of the west of the borough echoes former ownership by the Abbey such as Waverley Arms pub and the Waverley Cricket Club. Equally echoed are the square miles held under Farnham holding of the Biship of Winchester in which took in the western parishes of Frensham and Churt as well as much of Farnham parish since the 12th century when the bishop Henry of Winchester and Blois established the Farnham Castle as the sees episcopal home, however, today the boroughs main surviving castle and a museum to this period. The May 2011 borough elections produced 56 conservative seats and 1 independent seat. Waverley also have an historical novel written by Sir Walter Scott in 1814 as Scott's first venture into prose fiction the novel is often regarded as the first historic novel in the western tradition. The novel became so popular that Scott's later novels were being advertised as "the author of Waverley", Sir Walter Scott's novels written in the same period have collectively become known as the Waverley Novels.


The borough of Waverley covers a total of one hundred and thirty three point three square miles of land, in the most southern region of Surrey. Being such a small place, Waverley makes up for its size with its number of participle activities that are on offer. Why not hire a Waverley escort for a night to see what all the furore is about. When you do be sure to take our escort out to the local arts and crafts center where the two of you can create some truly inspirational art work. If you had something a little more personal in mind then how about a soothing walk along the local canal, for a honestly serene time.

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