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West Bromwich is a small town, which flourished during the 19th century after the discovery of coal deposits in the area. It took only a few years for the town to turn into a booming industrial center. At the time, many people were employed in the manufacturing process of springs, nails, and other similar items. The town experienced a major setback during the Cholera epidemic of 1831, which spread northwards into the town. This epidemic reached England from India across western Asia and spread mostly through contact with fecal matter. It claimed more than 6,000 victims in London alone.

After the epidemic was over, the town became desperately aware of their dreadful drainage problem and appointed members to build a brand new sewerage farm in Friar Park. This would finally prevent a similar catastrophe from happening again. Another major change came with the World War I. West Bromwich has already heavily engaged in the manufacturing industry, so it was only natural to expand the potential it had and build new houses to house workers, who would fuel the increase in production. The plan succeeded, but it made the town a target for German air raids during World War II. Many residents were killed, but, yet again, West Bromwich rose from ashes and entered the modern era.

Today, some of the most notable features of the town are the West Bromwich Albion football club, Sandwell General Hospital, West Bromwich Town Hall, West Bromwich Manor House, and the Oak House, which is an historic building that is thought to have taken its name from an oak which stood on the green in front of it and was burnt down around 1800.

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