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The largest settlement in the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan and also a town in Greater Manchester, Wigan’s wider borough has a population of 318,100. It is believed that the area has been incorporated as a borough in 1246. What we know with an absolute certainty is how dramatically the town grew during the Industrial Revolution. Before Industrial Revolution, lives of many residents revolved around porcelain manufacture and clock making. As years passed and the town became more industrialized, coal mining and milling grew on importance. A town councilor quoted, "having a coal mine in one’s backyard wasn’t all that uncommon at the time."

The area successfully transformed from an economy that was highly relying on heavy industries to a modern, service-based one. The larger borough has a slightly lower unemployment rate compared to England’s average. However several major construction projects were finished during the past few years. One of them was the Grand Arcade shopping center, which cast £120M and started in 2005. The project was completed after 2 years, generating hundreds of jobs for residents. This saw an influx of tourists from neighboring areas. Latest reports indicate that more than 20% of residents are employed in retail and wholesale.

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