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With its position at the heart of the wider government district, Winchester has a population of around 45,000 residents. Many fans of classical English literature will know the city and its cathedral as the burial place of Jane Austen, a famous novelist revered for her witty social commentary and irony. The cathedral where she is buried was built in 1079 and is the longest cathedral in Europe. Its current form was preceded by a few centuries older Pre-Norman cathedral founded in 642. Several additional alterations were made after King Henry VIII seized control of the Catholic Church in England and declared himself head of the Church of England.

Winchester has two castles: Wolvesey Castle and Winchester Castle. The first one is just a ruin that doesn’t show much of the inner arrangements. On the other hand, Winchester Castle still stands nearly intact, just as it was when it was founded in 1067. Another medieval building is the Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty, which was founded between 1133 and 1136. It’s the oldest almshouse in Britain, and was used in the filming of quite a few TV shows.

Higher education is provided by the University of Winchester and Peter Symonds College. The university repeatedly received high praise for the quality of education it offers to its students. Its motto – wisdom and knowledge - was inspired by the preface to King Alfred's translation of Pope Gregory the Great's Regula Pastoralis. Peter Symonds College has around 4000 underage students and 2000 adult students, which makes it the largest sixth form colleges in Britain.

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