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Wokingham is a historic market town with a population of around 30,000. Before the 1974 reorganization of local government—an Act of Parliament in the United Kingdom that reformed local government in England and Wales on 1 April 1974—Wokingham was a borough. The etymology of the name of the town can tell us a lot about its rich history. According to historians, Wokingham means “Wocca's people's home,” referring to a Saxon chieftain who would also have owned lands at Wokefield in Berkshire and Woking in Surrey. The original name became corrupted to Oakingham during the Victorian times. The town can thank the Bishop of Salisbury for much of its growth, as it was this ordinary of the Church of England's Diocese of Salisbury that set out roads and made plots available for rent.

A series of acts of terror committed by a local band scoundrels, known as the Wokingham Blacks forced, the Parliament to pass the Black Act in 1723. According to this act, any offender who was armed and with a blacked face, armed and otherwise disguised, merely blacked, merely disguised, accessories after the fact, or any other person or persons could be sentenced to death. The result was 4 death sentences and several trials.

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Sharing the same name as the county that it's found in is the civil parish of Woking, known to have a great amount of happenings that anyone is free to participate in. A good idea would be to hire a Woking escort for a companion as you get involved in all that Woking has to offer. Our Woking escorts will accompany you to the destination of your choice, whether you want to show them off at the local drinking establishment, or if you wanted something more private like a stroll through the country park where the two of you can gaze at the lake together.

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