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Wokingham is located in Berkshire, England. It is at 39 miles distant from the central London in west direction. It is also 7 miles away in east direction from Reading and 4 miles away from Bracknell in west direction. Total 557 acres of land is there in Wokingham and there are more than 30,000 people residing in it. In the 1800s, the north of the parish, which is a part of Wokingham, was originally a part of a portion which was detached. Later it was joined to the Berkshire country as per some acts. Before 1974, Wokingham was actually a borough. Then it became a town.

The name ‘Wokingham’ has a meaning ‘Wocca’s people’s home’. In the Tudor period, the city was very popular for the production of silk. Some of those who were doing these works can still be seen in some areas of the city. During the Civil War, the city was raided frequently. During these raids, love stocks and other goods were regularly getting looted. Many of the buildings were also burnt down. It took nearly two centuries for the town to recover.

Wokingham is situated in between two larger towns. These two towns are Reading and Bracknell. Wokingham has a town centre and people are residing in all directions from the city centre. The town went through major developments in the last century. Many more expansions plans are under development and will be implemented in the next decade. These plans include redevelopment of the centre of the town, new roads etc.

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Wokingham is a market town in the parish of Berkshire with a wide variety of activities and experiences. If you’re bored why not take a Wokingham escort out on the town for a night drinking, visit one of the local pubs and try some of the regional drinks originated from that region. If you're not a drinker then why not try one of the cinemas for a night of intriguing visual art, whatever you fancy doing our Wokingham escorts are happy to provide.

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