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Worcester is a cathedral city and the site of the final battle of the Civil War. The Battle of Worcester took place on 3 September 1651. Which resulted in the defeat of the forces of King Charles II by Oliver Cromwell and his New Model Army. Because Worcester supported Oliver Cromwell and his cause, the city invented the epithet "Fidelis Civitas" ("The Faithful City") and incorporated it into its coat of arms.

Worcester of the past was famous for its production of porcelain goods and glove making. The glove making industry employed, at one time, nearly half of all glove makers in England. Sadly, much of this colorful history is forever lost  This is because the local government had decided in the 1950s to demolish some of the medieval center. Today, only a very small fraction remains, including Tudor buildings in Friar Street and in New Street.

The famous cathedral is just one of several important landmarks that are to be found in the city. There’s also a full-length statue of Edward Elgar in the center. Many beautiful parks that provide fantastic recreational options, and the recently built library called The Hive. It houses over 12 miles of archive collections and countless records relating to the local history.

Still, there is hardly any visitor who wants to miss the Worcester Cathedral, if only because it appeared on the reverse of £20 note issued by the Bank of England between 1999 and 2007.

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