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Worthing in West Sussex was once home for Oscar Wilde and Harold Pinter, who both lived and worked in this picturesque seaside town with a history dating back to the Stone Age. The area which the city occupies was the earliest and the largest source of flint from around 4000BC. The name Worthing comes from an Old English personal name meaning "valiant one”. The first evidence of its use was found in the Domesday Book of 1086. However, locals sometimes like to say that the name comes from a natural phenomenon that happens when seaweed beds off nearby Bognor Regis are torn up by summer storms and dominant Atlantic currents deposit it on the beach.

The town has a large concentration of Christian places of worship, which include Worthing's first Anglican church, St Paul's, was built in 1812; the parish church of West Tarring, St Andrew's; and the centrally located St Mary of the Angels Church opened in 1864. St Paul's Church was constructed to meet the large demand for a local church or chapel by visitors of Worthing. Unfortunately, the building is currently closed because of problems with an unsafe roof. St Andrew's Church was founded in the 11th century and served the place where John Selden, an English jurist and a scholar of England’s laws, was baptized. The Church of St Mary of the Angels is a relatively young Roman Catholic church designed by Henry Clutton in the style of French Gothic revival.

Worthing is also known for Worthing College, which was established in 1973. The college offers courses in everything from mathematics to physics, psychology, law, music, and fine arts.

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