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Wychavon, a local government district is in the Worcestershire area of England. With its council being based in Pershore. The other towns in the district are Droitwitch Spa and Evesham. The district of Wychavon extends from the south east corner of the Worcestershire area north and west. It boarders all the other districts of Worcestershire as well as bordering the counties of Gloucestershire and Warwickshire. The district of Wychavon was created under The Local Government Act 1972 in April 1974. It was merged of the boroughs of Droitwitch and Evesham along with the Evesham Rual District as well as most of the Droitwitch Rural District and the Pershore Rual District. The districts name was invented using two elements, "Wych" recalls the Saxon Kingdom of Hwicca, and "Avon" which is for the River Avon, the districts name was invented in 1973 using those two elements. Wychavon District Council were named joint council of the year in 2007 along with High Peak District Council. Wychavon District Council were also named "Best Council To Work For" by the Sunday times. The Wychavon district is spread across 3 parliamentary constituencies of Mid Worcestershire, West Worcestershire and Redditch County and comprises 31 wards which are represented by 45 councillors also containing 73 civil parishes.


Partially named after the Avon river is the government district of Wychavon, that covers an area just over two hundred and fifty square miles. Being such a large place Wychavon offers its inhabitants and visitors a culturally, historically and creative time. Rather than doing these things alone hire a Wychavon escort to join you as you participate in all that Wychavon has to offer. Why don't the couple of you have a stroll through the local Arboretum to see the best nature has to offer, our Wychavon escorts are bound to enjoy the natural experience. If you wanted to do something where you're more stationary, then take our Wychavon escort to the river to watch the local boat club carry out their daily routine.

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